Healthy cells, healthy body, happy you.

Health starts in your cells. From brain cells, heart cells, immune cells, and liver cells to muscle cells, skin cells and eye cells... they are little machines working around the clock to keep you healthy.

Your cells work really hard

Like all machines, your cells’ parts break down and waste builds up inside them. All that needs to get cleaned out. If it doesn’t your cells will age faster, they get sick easier, they work less efficiently, and you don’t feel your best.

How to improve cellular performance

Your cells have a built in maintenance process called autophagy that removes waste, repairs damaged parts, and recycled those materials. Regular cleaning of your cells using autophagy helps them live longer, fight off infections, and work better—which means you feel better and live longer. Learn more about how autophagy works.

How to start autophagy

Fasting for 14+ hours starts autophagy. Or you can use certain nutrients known as “caloric restriction mimetics” that mimic the effects of fasting to jumpstart autophagy whenever you want. Learn more about caloric restriction mimetics here.


Autophagy Stack

Take your cellular health to the next level with our flagship product, the Autophagy Stack. Autophagy cleans your cells so they work better, faster, and stronger. Get improved cellular efficiency, disease protection, and health by activating autophagy.


Autophagy Tea: The Hard Truth

One of the most exciting and well-documented new breakthroughs in anti-aging and longevity is a cellular process called autophagy. Tea, especially green tea, has been shown to activate autophagy. However, there is little-known downside to Read more…

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